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Where Is The Love?

I woke up this morning and heard the devastating news about the events that took place in Nice, France last night. Shaved my legs, got the kids ready for school and nursery, had one sip of my tea which was already cold by then, cleaned the dog’s poo and ran out the door like every-other morning. When I got the twins out of the car I realised that one of them had splits water all over her dress and she was now totally soaked. That’s when I burst into tears. My twins who are three looked at me in...

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What’s In A Kiss

It’s been another stormy week on the social media front. This time in the headlines was the most shocking and offensive act a parent could possibly do – kiss their own child. Has everyone just gone a little bit crazy, or is it just me? It really seems to me that people have way too much time on their hands if an innocent picture of a mom, kissing her five year old daughter in a pool, can stir up so much controversy and debate, creating a new ‘parents v parents war’ on the great big world wide web. For those...

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Stop Blaming The Mother!

I am so upset with social media today. I opened my computer this morning to discover that the whole world is blaming that poor mom whose kid fell into the gorilla enclosure as if she is a shit mom for taking her eyes off her kid for one minute. I’m sorry, but I would like to have a chat with any parent who claims they have never done that. I don’t care how great of a parent you are, I don’t care if you baby proofed your house from top to bottom, if you put arm bands and a...

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Barbie v Wonder Woman: Same Thing, Different Bra

I’m in Toys R Us with my five year old daughter looking for a superhero figure. We walk around and I’m feeling proud that my girl prefers playing with superheroes rather than Barbie dolls, when it suddenly hits me, (as we pass the third superman stand), that surely we should be getting a FEMALE superhero if were really going ‘girl power’ on this’. So off we go to find the girls’ superhero section (which is already a bit annoying to have to do), only you know what? There’s no such thing. I’m in this massive store that literally has...

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15 Things I Never Thought I Would Say Untill I had kids!

I am so glad I spent over seven years of my adult life getting a higher education. From my Law degree and passing the bar exams, to my Masters in Performing Arts, it really was time well spent and has prepared me for the hardest, most challenging, job in the world – being a parent. NOT. I think it’s safe to say that NOTHING can prepare you for the mind-blowing adventure that is parenting, and this goes for the good, the bad, the ugly and the totally stupid (which is where I am going with this). To say that...

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