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What I Want For Mother’s Day

  Imagine it’s 7am on Mother’s Day. I can hear my husband and the kids downstairs TRYING to make breakfast. It’s a family tradition, on birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day etc, that whoever special day is it is, gets ‘breakfast in bed’ and a lay in. I know it sounds posh. It’s not. In fact, I can already smell the burnt toast and overcooked omelette, and I can just imagine the mess they are making, which yours truly is most likely going to have to clear up, once I drag myself out of bed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. My kids...

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Give It Up To Those Amazing Dads

I can almost hear my husband’s eyes rolling as I say this, but I’ve always felt that being the one who carried all three of our children inside my body, the one who was cut open twice to get the little monsters out, who nearly died after giving birth to our twins, who will forever have a scar down there, who’s boobs will never ever be perky again, who for months cried for no reason, who did not sleep, pee alone, or have a grown-up conversation for over a year – kind of gave me a few points over...

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I Was Worried I Would Be Jealous Of My Own Daughter

Looking back, I can’t believe there was ever a time I was actually worried I would be jealous of my own daughter.  But there was time this thought did cross my mind, and it was long before any of my three girls were even born. When my husband and I started thinking about having kids, I secretly wished our first child would be a boy. It wasn’t because I did not want a girl, I did, with all my heart.  It was because I was so scared of not having a close relationship with my daughter. They say a...

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Surviving The Potty Training Stage And Learning To Trust Myself

Like plenty of other things, ‘potty training’ is one more phase you have to survive as a parent, and in most cases parents get through it with a little bit of drama, and then never look back. For some however this is not the case. As a survivor of the ‘potty training process gone wrong’ as I like to call it, and having three kids, all trained and happily going to the loo instead of weeing on my carpets, I can now say for a fact that – there is no ONE way of doing this. When my eldest...

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Enough With The Mummy Shaming!

Last week I wrote about not being sorry for having a nanny. Generally speaking I received an amazing reaction to that article and I got many messages from mums who related to what I wrote. But I also got some stick for it: some mums felt I was letting my children down, and they were not shy to tell me what they thought about my parenting choices. It made me sad. Not because I think they are right, or because I actually care what total strangers think about me, but rather because it made me think about how less...

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