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NEW EPISODE* – This week we talked about divorce! Why do people cheat, all the reasons why people get divorce and I shared my own divorce story. ; Name(required) Email(required) Website...

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Let’s talk about the controversy around the Super Bowl, there has been a lot… For one, there was the whole ‘who’s going to perform’ issue with the NFL struggling to fill the ones popular slot, which eventually was filled by pop band Maroon 5, rappers Travis Scott and Big Boi, who have since then received some criticism for agreeing to perform. And then there was Adam Levine exposing his nipples. Yeah, at some point Levine decided to take off his top and show his bare chest (and what a nice chest it is) to the whole world. Potentially this was...

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400 parents signed a petition demanding a school in Birmingham drop homosexuality from being mentioned as part of a special sex education programme they are running. Andrew Moffat, the assistant headteacher of the a British state school, claims he has also been threatened and targeted via a leaflet campaign after the school started the new program as part of sex and relationship education lessons. The idea behind the program is to promote LGBT equality and challenge homophobia in primary schools. Children from reception age through to year 6 were being taught topics to meet requirements in the Equality Act which included...

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