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My head has been buried in my phone a lot lately. You see, it’s where I work, it’s how I make my living, not to mention it’s where I escape to when I just can’t deal with the “real world”, or when I want a break from my three little somewhat demanding kids. But lately I have noticed it has also been preventing me from seeing things. Like how my 4-year-old daughter (aka ‘twin number 1’), who was always the “baby” of the family and never quite managed getting dressed all by herself, is not only doing it, but...

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Same sex marriage was banned in Australia in 2004 after the government changed the Marriage Act and defined marriage as ‘marriage between a man and a woman’. In 2015 when the new government proposed to have a national compulsory vote on same-sex marriage before changing the law, the opposition blocked the compulsory attendance vote, which then lead the government to launch a voluntary national survey to allow the Australian people to make the final decision. The campaign lasted two long months and had it’s disturbing moments like when rainbow flags were painted with Nazi symbols in Brisbane along with...

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The August issue of W Magazine ran a cover story with the headline “Why TV Is Sexier Than Ever”. The magazine listed names of sexy TV actors, including Nicole Kidman, Riz Ahmed, and Charlize Theron, James Franco, Claire Foy, and 13-year-old Millie Bobby Brown. The Spanish radio station Play FM posted an article about it at the end of October because unbelievably when the W Magazine list came out it sort of went undetected. And THAT’S just how numb we are to today’s pedophilia culture. You see in today’s culture women are expected to maintain a “girly” ageless look by being stick thin and shaving...

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