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Any busy moms out there? Well obviously! Check out what happens when I try to meet up with my girl Riona… Bahahahaha! Don’t forget to share with another busy mom and let her know how much you miss her x

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Watched ‘Wonder Woman’ last night. I thought I would totally love it – had visions of myself screaming and shouting “you go girl” while swinging my daughter’s toy sword in the air and waving my boobs around. But as I sat on the sofa in my jimjams drinking a hot chocolate and staring in utter amazement at, possibly the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life kick some serious butt – I must admit I did NOT feel like an Amazonian queen. Now don’t get me wrong. I completely understand we are talking about a Hollywood...

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For years I have hated shopping for clothes. Standing there in the small cubicles, with the head to toe mirrors and bright lights, it was always hard to get away from seeing every single angle of my body and feeling like crap about myself. But as much as I disliked the whole thing, it was not something I could avoid so I learned some tricks that helped me get through it: I avoided trying on things at the store so I would take them home and try them on with heels, or while standing in front of a tiny...

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I am still getting messages from moms who are asking me how I always look so happy and calm so I figured it was time to make another one of these and set the record straight… I STILL LOSE MY SHIT (and so do most moms)...

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