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You Are A Sexy, Pregnant Goddess

Guest Post by Gail B. Hoffer-Loibl Hey, you! Yes, you with the beautiful round belly. I see you shuffling along, tugging at the waist of your maternity jeans, wondering how you could possibly ever fit into your normal clothes again. I see you hunched over in your chair, trying to make your belly look a bit smaller because it is so much bigger than your friend’s who is a month ahead in her pregnancy. Do you know how sexy you are? And not in the creepy, depths of the Internet fetish kind of sexy. I’m talking full on, goddess, make...

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Not wanting to sound too old but seriously, what is it about kids today and being so soft?! Is it just me, or did we not learn how to ride our bikes by falling down and getting up again? And yes, I do think it’s us that are making them so soft…. bahahaha! Let me know what you think...

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How I Met Your Father

You asked me how I met your father and if it was like a fairytale when the prince meets his princess and they live happily ever after. I wish I could tell you that it was. That he swept me off my feet, we travelled the world sipping champagne and having adventures in exotic countries. That he proposed in Paris after a stroll down St Germain at sunset. That I cried, and that we held each other for two hours, then went back to our boutique hotel and made love all night long (I will explain what that means when...

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In light of the 28th of May being the Menstrual Hygiene Day, and in an attempt to break the taboos that surround women’s periods, I give you my little take on THAT FLOW and why we should all just chat about it as if we are talking about the weather! There’s no shame in having your period, I’m supporting Plan International’s work to end the stigma and taboos around menstruation. Find out what you can do at

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I Just Made Our Last Preschool Payment … I Should Be Happy

Guest Post by Dana Kamp There are so many reasons I should be celebrating. Making that last preschool payment should make me want to jump for joy! It means we have extra money each month to spend elsewhere. It means we have officially graduated from pull-ups and sippy cups. It means all my kiddos are old enough to make their own snacks, put on their own shoes and buckle themselves up in the car. Those are all good things that definitely make me smile. But, then my heart feels heavy and my eyes fill with tears. No more rocking...

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Go the Fuck To Sleep is the perfect gift for new moms! not to be read to children obviously but will give you a good giggle when YOU read it with a glass of wine in your hand.

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