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Break The Mould

Canadian photographer Julia Busato recently shared a new project on her Facebook page titled the “Mannequin Series” which shows naked women of all ages, shapes and sizes posing behind mannequins. The idea behind it was to remind people that beauty is not defined by one set of standards, and that we don’t have to fit society’s mould of the ‘perfect body’. Since adding these images on Facebook they have been shared over 220,000 times with women across the world praising Julia and her models for their bravery and for the message behind the images. But some people were not...

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Being a mom these days is not easy… It is no longer enough to “just” love, provide and care for your child, if you are not literally killing yourself, trying to live up to the crazy high standards dictated by millions of strangers on the internet, then millions of strangers are going to judge you and tell you what an awful mother you are. Find out what I have to say about...

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To The Women In My Life

I’ll start by saying that I was never a ‘girly girl’ and I never felt like I fit in with the whole ‘being a girl’ thing. What I mean is that despite liking Barbies and dancing ballet like most girls my age, and having lots of girlfriends – I never felt like I really belonged. I can’t even pin point what it was that made me feel different, but I somehow always felt like I was. Like the things I was thinking were strange or not at all common, and like I couldn’t tell my friends because they just...

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I am so sick of people talking about body goals and getting the perfect beach body or moms having to ‘bounce back’. Here’s what I think – looking perfect is overrated! Bahahahaha...

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