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Female sex organs are very much still taboo. You don’t believe me? Listen, I’ve had at least a couple of my videos disappear from my video library on Facebook and the only word I used in those videos that may have been flagged up was ‘vagina’. Silly me, I thought it was an anatomical term, but it seems like many people still see it as a dirty word. Apparently, in many places a person cannot say ‘vagina’ without it being considered a ‘bad word’, not just on social media. A lot of parents avoid teaching their kids what that body part is called and...

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I’ve had a few conversations with ‘Millennials’ about sexuality recently. According to a lot of them “my generation” (i.e. people who were in the 20’s in the 1990’s) are sexually repressed and over dramatic whilst their generation have the whole sex thing all sorted out.   Okay, let me start again – we were having a discussion which got me passionate, whilst they “chilled”, or did something else I’m not sure how to say, but basically means that it didn’t effect them, cos what’s the point in getting passionate about anything, just “chill” emoji, emoji and add lot’s of...

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There has been a lot of talk recently about female nipples on social media. About how Instagram and Facebook’s guidelines of what is considered “appropriate” and what is not, are questionable and promote a double standard. Whilst topless pictures on the platform often get flagged but usually remain active, what gets removed are those that feature the female nipple.  But not in all cases… So first of all, what’s so special about the female nipple anyway? And secondly, why are some nip slips allowed, while others are not? Weirdly, there is no consensus as to why the female nipple is considered...

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