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Doing Less Has Changed My Life

It was five years since I had become a mother, and I felt like I had slowly been losing more and more of myself, with every “come on kids, get your shoes on”, every meal I cooked, every load of laundry, every stressful school drop-off, every manic morning, every supermarket tantrum and every time I said to my friends I was too tired to meet them. I looked in the mirror one morning and saw a tired, stressed out, overworked, crazy woman who had totally lost her shit over the dog eating a toilet paper roll, and I just...

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But Then I Actually Had Kids…

I used to think that being a mom would be easy. Used to think that when the time was right, it would just happen, I’d know what to do, I’d fall pregnant as soon as I tried, I would do it all natural, breastfeed for ages, bake cookies, have a clean house, juggle work and home life like a boss, wear make up every day, hell – shower every day, and still have the energy to have crazy sex with my husband three times a week. But then I actually had kids. I don’t know why no one tells...

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Go The F*ck To Sleep!

It’s finally bedtime – you have worked all day, picked up the kids from school, cooked dinner, cleaned the house, helped with homework, washed hair, cleaned butts and read three bedtime stories… And this is what happens when it’s time for the LAST...

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Being A Parent Is Gross

People often describe what it’s like to be a parent as “wonderful”, “challenging”, “joyful” etc. But if you want to know the truth and find out what being a parent is can REALLY be like, watch this video to find out…...

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Go the Fuck To Sleep is the perfect gift for new moms! not to be read to children obviously but will give you a good giggle when YOU read it with a glass of wine in your hand.

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