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We Are All Just Improvising

I often hear people argue about what “type” of mom has it the hardest. ‘Working moms’ who juggle work as well as family life, and who struggle with guilt because they are not always there for the ‘big moments’, or ‘stay at home moms’ who struggle with the never ending mountains of laundry, and not having an actual conversation that does not include the words “here comes the airplane” and “did you just poop yourself?” I’ve been a mother for nearly six years now and I’ve been both – stay at home mom for the first few years with...

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Who Knew Boobs Had So Much Power

Lady Gaga’s performance at the Super Bowl sparked yet another debate about women’s bodies. You would think that everyone’s focus would be on the performance itself, her voice, the dance moves, the music, the vibe, how it made us feel – but no. The world focused on her “belly”. I am so sick of women’s bodies being a topic of conversation. It seems like everywhere you look these days there is some sort of debate about boobs, tits and flabby tummies. If a woman breastfeeds in public the conversation immediately becomes about breasts and whether or not it was...

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