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Go The F*ck To Sleep!

It’s finally bedtime – you have worked all day, picked up the kids from school, cooked dinner, cleaned the house, helped with homework, washed hair, cleaned butts and read three bedtime stories… And this is what happens when it’s time for the LAST...

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Being A Parent Is Gross

People often describe what it’s like to be a parent as “wonderful”, “challenging”, “joyful” etc. But if you want to know the truth and find out what being a parent is can REALLY be like, watch this video to find out…...

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Nanny Drops Baby On Head And Mom Gets The Blame

On January 1st 2017, Eva Amurri Martino (daughter of Hollywood star Susan Sarandon), revealed on her Blog – Happily Eva After, that her baby son had been dropped on his head by his night nurse. In her post titled, ‘The Struggle is Real’, the mom writes that a couple of days after Thanksgiving, a night nurse who was caring for the then ten-week-old baby, fell asleep while holding baby Major and dropped him. Major cracked his head on the hardwood floor as a result of the fall. Both parents were sleeping at the time and were awoken by the...

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I LOVE MY KIDS (Especially When They Are Asleep)

I have been accused of not loving my kids because I complain about them on the internet. Apparently complaining about your children in private is totally fine, as long as you maintain the allusion on social media that your life is perfect. Well I obviously adore my kids, and not because they are perfect (they’re not) but rather despite the fact they can be utter dicks sometimes. My advice – get a sense of humour, life is so much more fun when you have...

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Society’s Obsession With Looking Up Women’s Skirts

On the 7th of December 2016, Ohio became the first state in America to pass a bill that would ban abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. The bill was called the ‘Heartbeat Bill’ because six weeks in normally when a heartbeat is detected and according to the bill, should be the cutoff point for legal abortions (with no exceptions for rape or incest). The state’s governor, Mr. John Kasich vetoed the bill on Tuesday because it wasn’t likely going to hold up in federal courts, but at the same time, Kasich did sign into a law a bill that...

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Go the Fuck To Sleep is the perfect gift for new moms! not to be read to children obviously but will give you a good giggle when YOU read it with a glass of wine in your hand.

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