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Get Out Of My Vagina!

I don’t know why people seem to think pregnant women’s vaginas are these big massive places that need more and more stuff! Following some recent ‘luxury items’ aimed for women’s private bits, I had a little something to say… Warning: not for the easily offended...

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I Am Okay

For years, I walked around convinced I was not okay. Not okay for how I felt, for how I expressed myself, for my beliefs and for who I was as a person. This was a massive burden and one that affected nearly every aspect of my life, but I somehow managed to live with it for over thirty-five years before it became impossible to take any longer. You see, that feeling of ‘I’m not okay’ only got worse after I became a mother. What was something that only affected me, now affected others: my own children. Those three-little people,...

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Things That Are Not My Job As A Parent

As parents we have all sorts of jobs. From provider, driver, cook, tooth fairy, ‘kissy monster’ to nappy changer. nose wiper and maybe even ‘friend’ – we do it all with a smile of our face (and a glass of wine in our hand). Well, here are a few things that are NOT our job as parents and I say this will all the love in the world…...

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Why Having A Sense of Humor is Essential When You Are A Parent 

I don’t know about you, but when I first became a mom, I found myself crying A LOT. It was a combination of hormones, lack of sleep and that overwhelming feeling of ‘I have no idea what the hell I’m doing’ that made it close to impossible to find anything about the whole situation funny. It’s taken me over five years to realize that parenting is bloody hilarious and that laughing about those things that would normally either drive me crazy or devastate me, is far better than stressing over them. I will immediately clarify – no, I do...

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Before and After Marriage

I have no idea why everyone always says people change after they get married. I know I haven’t changed. I’m still interested in the things my husband likes, I still make an effort and I am still super understanding of his imperfections…...

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