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Before and After Marriage

I have no idea why everyone always says people change after they get married. I know I haven’t changed. I’m still interested in the things my husband likes, I still make an effort and I am still super understanding of his imperfections…...

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I used to be married to someone else. It’s not something many people know about me. Not because I hide it, just because it was a long time ago and my life today is completely different to what it was like when I was married to someone else. We were together for nearly nine years, two of them as a married couple, and I think that for at least four years out of the nine, I knew the relationship was “wrong” for me. It doesn’t really matter why it was wrong. It just was. Like many other “wrong” relationships are,...

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Being Honest With Our Kids

As parents we obviously see our kids are brilliant and super great at everything they do and we like telling them that, but if we are being REALLY honest, let’s face it – they’re not THAT brilliant! I am not suggesting putting your kids down, but let’s not praise them when it’s not really due. Here is a list of a few things I am done saying to my...

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