There has been a lot of talk recently about female nipples on social media. About how Instagram and Facebook’s guidelines of what is considered “appropriate” and what is not, are questionable and promote a double standard. Whilst topless pictures on the platform often get flagged but usually remain active, what gets removed are those that feature the female nipple.  But not in all cases… So first of all, what’s so special about the female nipple anyway? And secondly, why are some nip slips allowed, while others are not? Weirdly, there is no consensus as to why the female nipple is considered...

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I’ve been on social media for a good few years, first as a user and now more as a job if you will. I’ve had times I’ve loved it and how it has allowed millions of people to connect, and times I have hated it with how nasty and shallow it can be. There is no denying it has become a part of our culture, one that is almost hard to imagine the human race without. It has made news travel fast and rumors travel even faster, it is inspiring at times with positive messages and new voices that have...

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Bad Experience While On Holiday

We’ve just come back from a week in Italy. We stayed in one of those ‘family friendly’ resorts. The type that has only families in it, and gives you the feeling that it’s super safe, almost as if nothing bad can happen cos everyone around you is exactly like you. But the truth is that this feeling is merely an illusion.The truth is that this type of place is no less dangerous than anywhere else you might take your kids to, because the reality is that – even ‘crazies’ go on holiday. Last day of our holiday. I was...

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