This week Tova and Kristen delve into the world of having “THE TALK” with our kids. Yes, the sex talk! What age is appropriate, what to say, how to say it, and the best books to describe where babies come from. They discuss and debate whether and when to talk about porn, pleasure, and the how uncomfortable but necessary these topics are with our children. And the two hosts also reveal where and how they learned about sex, and how they were taught and felt about it as children.

Tova and Kristen also love sharing the headlines from around the world in their NOT SO NEWS segment. This week there’s more glitter, but this time it’s the men’s trends!

In this week’s episode, Tova & Kristen have partnered with the following brands:

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They also mentioned the following books:

What Makes a Baby?

It’s So Amazing

It’s not the Stork

Where Did I come From?