I made a funny video about how sick I am of hearing about women needing to dress “modest”, but the truth is that I am mad. Not just mad, furious. And also, I am scared. You see, when I hear stories about little girls at school being told they should cover their shoulders because they might give boys “the wrong idea”, I feel sick to my stomach. When I hear how some schools forbid girls from wearing skirts that come in above the knee because it can “make boys go crazy” I want to punch someone in the face. And when I hear that women in the army, are not allowed to walk around their base in tank tops and biker shorts because it is “inappropriate” I literally want to cry.

Listen up:

The ONLY thing that needs to change in this world is education for boys and men when it comes to women. You want to prevent boys from “going crazy” when they see a freaking shoulder? then start talking to boys from an early age about respect and consent! If men are unable to ‘control themselves’ when they see a little bit (or a lot) of flesh then guess who has the problem?!

I am so sick of the blame being put on women, and I refuse to accept it because you know what? IT IS A SLIPPERY SLOP LADIES. Today it’s a knee tomorrow it will be your whole face.

NO ONE has a right to comment on women’s choices. Not how we mother our children, not regarding our decision to stay ant home or go back to work, and defenantly not on the lengh of our skirt or how deep are our cleavages.

This is a serious mater that I see on a daily basis and we have got to fight back before it is too late.

Our daughters are counting on us!