About Me 

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Tova Leigh is a social media influencer, content creator, writer, performer, wife and mother. Tova’s shamelessly, open and honest video rants, articles, and podcast, have resonated with a huge number of women around the world. Tova uses her platforms to support and empower women by giving them a sense of belonging as she doesn’t hold back whilst sharing the raw truth with her uncensored topics that include motherhood, body issues, marriage, sexuality, relationships not forgetting chocolate, wine and of course cake! 

With her viral online series 'Mom life crisis', Tova went on a journey to rediscover life after motherhood (yes this does exist). From doing a nude photo shoot, to bungee jumping, pole dancing, changing her appearance and even flying to Nepal to do the Everest base camp trek, Tova documented her journey. The series received an overwhelming response from thousands of women across the world. She is currently taking her raw humour on stage with her live show My Thoughts About Stuff and writing her new book.