The kids go back to school today! woo hoo!


I Woke up this morning with a spring in my step not knowing exactly why. My husband is singing in the shower, singing! I ask him what's up and he shouts back (almost screams in fact): "The kids go back to school today, woo hoo!".

After nearly three weeks off school (and nursery), me and my husband, or better known by our three kids as 'the entertaining team', are delighted to go back to work and finally relax!

It's been a full on three weeks packed with theme parks, seeing Santa at the zoo, seeing Santa at the shopping centre, seeing a drunken Santa at the bus stop (how haven't the kids figured it out yet?!), lots of time spent with family and friends eating yummy things and playing silly board games, (our favourite has been the whipped cream in your face game) and my personal worse nightmare: the soft play centre.

Oh yes, the soft play centre has become one of our best and worse friends since having kids. On paper it seems like a great idea: a secure place for kids to play but in reality it's nothing but a noisy germ Kingdom. The kids love it though. I mean where else can they do all the things they're not allowed to do at home? Like, climb up the walls and jump on and off EVERYTHING?

So I think most of you will agree that enough is enough and it's time to go back to work.

Isn't it mental that work seems like a holiday when you have children? I mean seriously. At work you get to have a coffee without it going stone cold while you run back and forth serving the little masters of the universe with their constant demands. At work you get to go to the toilet when you need to and you can actually do your business in private. I mean, you never get a co-worker saying they wanna come in to the loo with you, right?!

At work you get to have a lunch break, even if it's just a short one, and none of your co-workers ever eats off your plate stating "I don't want my food I want what you're having". In fact, at work you actually get to eat your lunch and enjoy it because let's face it, when you have kids you are most likely only going to ever be able to have a quick sandwich while standing on one leg and juggling a million other things.

But the best thing about the kids going back to school and us going back to work today is the fact that at work you can, and are even encouraged, to speak to other adults about 'adult stuff', none of which include nappies, babies, superheroes, Lego, play dough "she started it", "what's for dinner?", "I don't like broccoli!", "mind your manners young lady", "your not my best friend anymore", "go to your room" etc.

From my kids point of view it's been a lovely break but they are probably happy to get back to their friends who don't bug them so much. For example, I'm sure my kids' friends don't ask them if they need a wee or remind them to have their '5 a day' or how they need to "share" and "take turns". In fact, the more I think about it the more I think we're not as entertaining as we think.

I mean, can you actually imagine saying to a co-worker "let's wash our hands now and sit down for lunch". Or "no running in the office!" Or one of my all time favourites: "please use your indoor voice, your big voice is for outside".

Probably not.

So when the kids dress themselves this morning without me having to nag them about it, or find the missing sock, or chase the little one around with her shoes, or explain for the millionth time that we have to wear a coat when it rains, and instead, they are all ready by the door ten minutes earlier than usual, it actually dawned on me that they may be sick of us too!

My three little princesses, who still say the most wonderful things every parent loves hearing, like "you're my best friend mummy", or "I want to be with you always", are actually sick of the sight of me and can't wait to get back to school.

So we get into the car and drive off, all excited and ready for our first day back, when my calendar alert goes off. I look down and to my horror I realise that today is a teachers' training day and so all three kids are off!

I consider ringing my husband but seeing him so happy this morning, literally skipping out the door, I decide to break the news solo.

I turn to my kids and explain, expecting the worse.

They take their time to digest the information. We sit in silence for a few moments as I try to read their little faces, and I start to think that maybe one more day at home with my babies is not the end of the world. After all, these three are my favorite people in the world so this is really a blessing I should embrace.

Just then my 4.5 year old says "it's okay mummy, we can go to the soft play centre instead".

And all I can think of is: NOOOOOO!

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