Watched 'Wonder Woman' last night. I thought I would totally love it - had visions of myself screaming and shouting "you go girl" while swinging my daughter's toy sword in the air and waving my boobs around.

But as I sat on the sofa in my jimjams drinking a hot chocolate and staring in utter amazement at, possibly the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life kick some serious butt - I must admit I did NOT feel like an Amazonian queen.

Now don't get me wrong.

I completely understand we are talking about a Hollywood film and not "real life", which explains why EVERYONE (apart from the "funny characters") looked perfect.

I completely get she is based on a comic book character, and that she is a superhero with magical powers which make her not an actual real person.

And I completely accept the fact that the point of the film was not to empower anyone, but rather to make money and entertain.

But I for one would have loved seeing Wonder Women and her other female mates be a bit more down to earth - I don't know, maybe have some bingo arms, cellulite and body hair, or occasionally fart?

You see, I've heard a lot about how this film empowers women because it has a female character who is independent and strong and does not need anyone to save her, because it was directed by a women and because actress Gal Gadot played the epic role WHILE PREGNANT, which is truly amazing and the definition of "girl power" if ever there was one.

But while all of that is true, let's not forget she is also a 'God' and therefore completely unreachable in terms of the standards and bar she is setting for other women.

And that for me is not empowering bur rather.... well, disappointing.

So, as I try to perfect my Wonder Woman pout (because let's face it, that's really the only thing I might be able to get right), I will continue living in hope that perhaps one day the big shots in Hollywood see fit to make a movie about a REAL woman hero.

She may not be "perfect", or tall, or thin, or pretty, she may be bitchy and borderline cunty at times, she probably cries and may lose her shit at times, she makes a ton of mistakes and some days she may even forget to shower.

But she is also a real person - a nurse working nights, or a teacher, a SAHM, a single mom, or an accountant. She is going through menopause or getting IVF treatments. She is suffering from depression or living in an abusive relationship. She is smart, funny, strong, loving, vulnerable and fierce. She is a fighter, a sister, an aunt or just a friend.

We all know her because we ARE her and THAT, in my opinion, is far more empowering than anything else!