Over 50 people were shot dead last night by a single gunman who was identified as Stephen Paddock in Las Vegas. More than 500 were injured as a result of Paddock's shooting out of his hotel window at a crowed of over 20,000 people who were attending a festival in the city of lights. There is a lot of speculation going round as to why this 64 year old grandfather took a gun into his hands and shot dead complete strangers who did nothing to hurt him: he was a terrorist, part of ISIS, he had mental health issues etc, all trying to make sense of something that lets face it, doesn't make sense one bit.

I mean, most of us cannot comprehend why anyone would do such a horrific thing in the name of whether: be it love, passion, religion etc, and the bottom line is, such tragedies are very rarely really explainable but it is our nature to try and find someone to blame so we can fix things.

What makes me sad is seeing the war between the different camps in our society.

The NRA vs gun reform, Trump supporters vs Obama supporters, anti Islam groups, anti police campaigners, mental health organizations etc all bickering it out while the bodies of those who lost their lives, in what has now been labeled as the worse shooting in America's history, have barely gone cold.

What I am trying to say is that as tempting as it is to skip the grieving stage and go straight into anger and finding who to blame, perhaps we should give ourselves a few minutes to take in what has actually just happened.

Because you see, it's okay to be sad. It's okay to feel afraid and helpless because this is not an every day event and we should never be so numb that we can't even grieve something so awful before we move on to our practical mode of "dealing" with it.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to f*cking deal with it.

Not today.

Today I just wanna cry. Today I want to tell those who were effected that my heart is with them. Today I want to hug my children even tighter than I did yesterday. Today I want to be thankful for being alive. And today I want to feel as human as I possibly can in light of something which no matter what "explanation" people offer, will always remain completely incomprehensible and I personally think tat's a good thing.

But most of all, today I want to stand united.

Those who know me know that I don't do politics. There is a reason for that and it's cos I don't like "camps". I don't like division. As far as I am concerned there is only one camp and we are all members.

The reality is that we live in a world that forces us to choose sides on so many issues, contently being divided and split up into groups. Well guess what? tragedy effects EVERYONE and whether of not someone supports one idea or another make absolute no difference in light of tragedy.

I don't know about you, but I am tired of all the fighting so for today, can we all stop and just be sad together?