The August issue of W Magazine ran a cover story with the headline "Why TV Is Sexier Than Ever". The magazine listed names of sexy TV actors, including Nicole Kidman, Riz Ahmed, and Charlize Theron, James Franco, Claire Foy, and 13-year-old Millie Bobby Brown.

The Spanish radio station Play FM posted an article about it at the end of October because unbelievably when the W Magazine list came out it sort of went undetected.

And THAT'S just how numb we are to today's pedophilia culture.

You see in today's culture women are expected to maintain a "girly" ageless look by being stick thin and shaving all our body hair off. The cosmetics industry pushes “anti-aging” miracles at women aimed to keep our skin smooth and silky, often comparing it to baby skin and the plastic surgery industry entourages women to redesign their bodies and erase any trace of childbirth and other "womanly symptoms" while getting our tight vaginas back.

We live in a world that the most popular porn category on porn sites are Teens and most specifically girls, or women who looked like young girls.

Pedophilia culture does not mean older men raping children. It is a culture that we all live in, every single day and we don't even know it. It is the ads we watch on TV, the stars we follow on Instagram and the subliminal messages we get from today's shitty pop culture.

So that when we see a 13-year-old girl included in a "most sexy" list, most of us don't even bat an eyelid.

For us to be outraged we would have needed to see Millie in high heels, wearing nothing but a thong and sucking on a banana.

How sad is that?

And the thing is that you can say many things about Millie, like how talented she is, what amazing work ethic she must have to be able to play such a big role on the hit series Stranger Things, how charming she is, beautiful, smart etc... and they would all be true and very appropriate.

What you can NOT say about a 13-year-old CHILD in any circumstances is that they are "sexy".

But the sad truth is that we are so deeply brainwashed by the pedophilia culture we live in and it is actually very hard for us to tell right from wrong these days.

A few months ago I posted an article about a similar topic after images from a fashion show in china emerged where girls as young as 6-years-old were pranced around in Victoria Secret lookalike lingerie. The images were sickening because they showed these little girls in nothing but "sexy" bras and underwear and were clearly being sexualized.

I am growing so sick of this culture and those who cultivate it knowingly, or unknowingly.

It is wrong!

And FYI - I am a woman, I am hairy AF everywhere, my breasts are not flat they are large and floppy, my skin is not tight and my vagina is loose.


Image credit: Millie Bobby Brown Instagram