I got my period when I was twelve. It was a Saturday morning and I remember finding my mom and whispering in her ear. She gave me a hug and took me to the bathroom. She handed me a sanitary pad and explained what I should do. A few months later I started using tampons when we were at a friends house and everyone was swimming in their pool. I was on my period and didn't want to miss out so I asked a friend if she had any tampons and off I went to the bathroom determined to make it work. I must have tried five times before I finally managed to push it up far enough for it to be somewhat comfortable and I was able to enjoy the day.

I used tampons for years but if I am being completly honest I never felt truly comfortable with them. Whether it was the fact that I could feel them there or the irretation I felt after I removed them, it never felt like a great way to collect the period blood during those five days each month.

Since having children I haven't used tampons. My periods are short now and I manage with pads. Not sexy I know but to be honest, during those days all I want to do is lay in bed and eat ice cream anyways so the last thing I am worried about if not looking hot.

And then recently I came across Flex.

What iI like is that FLEX isn't a cup, it's a flexible disc that comfortably forms to the shape of your body. Unlike tampons and menstrual cups, FLEX sits just past the vaginal canal and can't be felt at all once in place. I watched their totorial on their website which explains just how easy it is to insert and where it should sit. When I tried it out I was pleased to see that they were right - the disk it is very easy to use and once inside is very comfortable and could stay in for a good few hours before needed changing. I didn't go swimming with it but apparently I could have!

What amazed me the most is the fact that each disk can last up to 12 hours and holds 5 tampons worth of fluid and 70% of women that use FLEX notice less cramps compared to tampons. It is also the ONLY internally-worn period product not linked to TSS and can be used during sex!

I have spoken in the past about breaking the stigma around periods. It is a topic that is very important to me as a mom of girls and a woman as I truly would like my daughters to have more options than I had when I get their periods. This is why I have teamed up with Flex and will be chatting to their founders live on Facebook tonight at 10pm UK / 5pm EST about all th ebenefits or Flex and will taking your questions - I hope you can join us!