I came across an article on the company Fabiosa's website with the headline: 'Victoria Beckham Was Betrayed By Her Own Outfit That Highlighted The Folds Near Her Armpits'. The article explains how whilst attending the 2018 Fashion Awards and wearing a black top with thin straps which almost completely revealed her shoulders and neck, (and here comes the quote so get ready for it), "there was one small incident that played against the designer. While posing, Victoria happened to keep her hands in pockets in her usual manner. Unfortunately, the strong fabric pressed the skin so hard that her armpits got covered with folds!"

As if that wasn't enough, the article continued to make some rather agist remarks too because why not? it's so much fun to bash women, why stop at their armpits when we can go for the ageing card, it's always a winner! They wrote: "folds in this zone always show a woman’s real age. Moreover, when it comes to slender women, their skin laxity is exposed even earlier".

I mean if we're on a roll let's bash the skinny girls too, right?

Yep, you heard it - Victoria Beckham has armpit folds and according to Fabiosa, who by the way say about themselves on the website that their aim is "to make this world better", this is a very big problem that ageing women should look out for...

Okay, lets start with:


Every time I think the world can't become any dumber, it does.

Listen Fabiosa, number one - no one cares about Victoria Beckham's armpits! Like seriously, what delusional planet are you living on if you think anyone actually gives a sh*t? Secondly, the fact that she does have armpit fold (still in shock we are talking about this but lets just ignore that for now), all you have really proven is that the woman is human, cos in case you didn't know, most people have them ,oh and also - WHO THE F*CK CARES?!

And finally, I suggest you take a good look at that mission statement you have on your website and think about it. 'Making the the world a better place' is an amazing thing to aim for but I wonder how exactly you plan on doing that by highlighting women's armpits? Is this really how you see women? like these dumb creators the have nothing better to do but worry about our armpit folds?

Shame on you.

And yeah, I realise these type of stupid articles are just there for clicks, but seriously - enough is enough.

Fabiosa summed their masterpiece up by saying that Victoria "has become a great example that such zones as armpits, neck, and hands expose a woman’s age more than others, so it is important to disguise them correctly. Be attentive to your outfits!" and I say, actually what's important is to not be knobs, and you my dear Fabiosa are major knobs so kindly piss off.

And to all the women out there who worry about their armpit folds...

Just kidding!

Armpit folds? WTF!?