Let's talk about the controversy around the Super Bowl, there has been a lot... For one, there was the whole 'who's going to perform' issue with the NFL struggling to fill the ones popular slot, which eventually was filled by pop band Maroon 5, rappers Travis Scott and Big Boi, who have since then received some criticism for agreeing to perform.

And then there was Adam Levine exposing his nipples.

Yeah, at some point Levine decided to take off his top and show his bare chest (and what a nice chest it is) to the whole world.

Potentially this was a little stunt meant to take away attention from the above controversy, or maybe he was just really warm, either way it seems to have left people feeling overwhelmed and rather disappointed as it did not cause a similar stir to other nip slips during the Super Bowl in the past.

Who doesn't remember Janet Jackson exposing her nipple during her performance back in 2004 and how the world nearly ended as a result? 

Just to recap on that one, Jackson headlined the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, where Timberlake appeared as a surprise guest.

As the two sang “Rock Your Body” Timberlake tore off a piece of Jackson’s top, revealing her pierced nipple to millions of viewers. Both singers looked shocked, and Jackson quickly covered her breast.

The world went crazy after that and both MTV and the NFL released apologetic statements stating they were "extremely disappointed". Timberlake’s career wasn't affected, whilst Jackson’s career suffered as a result. They were also fined over $500k which was later appealed and thrown out.

Personally I think it was an accident and that Jackson’s nipple was supposed to stay covered by a piece of red fabric, but some say it was all a publicity stunt - either way, it was a classic moment that proved how women's nipples are still a big 'no no' and have the power to offend the masses and send waves of shock around the planet.

Levine's nipples on the other hand... not so much.

Don't get me wrong, some people were furious and the NFL received over 500k letters from people who were in fact offended by the sight of Levine's semi naked body, but generally speaking it didn't seem to cause nearly as much as a stir as Jackson's did back in 2004 and I know I'm stating the obvious here when I say, that's such a double standard considering the fact that everyone FLIPPED OUT when she showed hers.

So, the bottom line, and correct me if I am wrong – is that actually it’s not the nipple that’s the issue after all. It's the gender of the nipple.


I mean, if nipples were the real problem here, surly it wouldn't matter who they belong to, right?


But that's BS and everyone knows it. The real issue here is, and always has been, control. It's the same classic 'lets tell women how to behave, what to wear and what they can or cannot do or show' because we can, and frankly - we've had enough.

You can excuse it all you want and say till you are blue in the face that it has to do with modesty or some other BS (which btw is a whole other discussion for another time), but the bottom line is – if some nipples are okay, then surely all nipples should be okay.

This may come as a shock to some people, but a nipple is a nipple regardless of who it belongs to.


So maybe the real question is: why are people still telling women what to do?