Is it just me or are women held to a different moral standard than men are?  

A couple days ago a story broke regarding Kylie Jenner’s best friend- Jordyn Woods and Khole Kardashian’s boyfriend- Tristan Thompson, and it revealed that they had been having an affair. 

And of course the internet is having a field day bashing Jordyn and celebrating in Khloe’s misery. Weirdly no one seems to be hating on the GUY who did the cheating. Now I usually try and stay out of the Kardashians weekly scandals but this coverage has gotten out of hand and as usual the woman- Jordyn Woods- is being skewered online. With her last post on Instagram racking up 150,000 comments calling her a whore, a slut after a rich famous guy, and a girl messing up her meal ticket. Now I’m by no means condoning their behaviour, and frankly don’t think any of us have any business meddling into people lives but the comments swirling around the man in question, famed NBA player Tristan Thompson, have been such a different tone. With people alluding to “that’s just who he is” or “ Khole knew who she was getting involved with”. That Jordyn is a young woman, she is suppose to be held to a different standard than him, that she knew what she was doing was wrong, he is just the “horny dude”. 

It seems that if a man cheats people are quick to say “well, he’s a man, what did you expect?” Whereas when a women cheats she is called a “whore” and a “home wrecker”. Not surprising since society has shoved this idea down our throats that women are “better” than men, that we don’t think like they do hence we can’t get away with the shit they pull off, well I’ll tell you something - that’s a whole lot of BS. 

From the looks of it BOTH of them played a part in whatever alleged activities went on and we have to stop helping push this narrative that as women we must be these angelic angels that are allowed to do NO WRONG. We should be looking at it as fully formed adults that have decided to have a consensual relationship with EACH OTHER- regardless if that relationship was “wrong” or not. 

The sad thing is, her life will be forever affected. She will be probably blacklisted, shunned from her community, an overall social pariah. While he will continue his NBA career seemingly unscathed, labelled “ the playboy” or the guy that just “can’t stay faithful” (cheekily said). I’m not condoning ones actions or saying that this was not something brought on by their own recklessness. What I am saying is why are different stones thrown?  

Why are there different rules for different people? Why does Tristan keep getting these passes due to the fact that he is a serial cheater, and that Jordyn should just of known better not to do something like this? It’s like women are not allowed to be reckless for even .1 of a second and are always held on these unattainable pedestals. 

So Lets all do better, lets help change this old a storyline and PLEASE treat others as you would want to be treated. Leaving hateful comments does only harm, no good.