Sports brand Nike has redesigned the women's floor of its flagship shop in London and introduced their new 'plus size' range of sports gear.

If you visit the store you will now find mannequins with different body types, including plus size and para-sport mannequins, which according to the brand are intended to display the new range which includes the new Nike Plus Size line.

And guess what happened?

The brand has been slammed on social media for promoting 'unhealthy' living and "normalising obesity".

The slamming started when The Telegraph columnist Tanya Gold wrote an article in which she stated that "the war on obesity is lost". Nike on the other hand, said the aim was to "celebrate the diversity and inclusivity of sport". In her article, Gold criticises Nike for the move and calls out the body positive movement, which she refers to as the “fat-acceptance movement,” for killing women.

And all hell broke loose.

I've been reading people's tweets on this and to be honest I am a little confused.

It seems that those who find this move 'problematic' feel like 'plus size' women should not only hide in shame, but also not workout in gear that actually fits them.

Has the world finally gone mad?

I mean, lets leave the fact that the average size woman in the UK is actually a size 16 to one side for a moment. A fact that many retailers ignore, and as someone who used to be a size 16 I can tell you that I've struggled to find my size in many high street shops, it would have actually been nice to see my size on more displays. The real issue here is 'fat shaming' and the deep belief people have that if you are over weight you - for one, can't be healthy, and secondly - should not be allowed to do anything about it in dignity.

I mean, they want you to loose weight "for your own well being", but you can't feel good about yourself while you do it.

So how are you supposed to workout if you are 'plus size'? I dunno, try naked or maybe throw a bag over your head so not to offend anyone.

Also, isn't it absurd that after SO MANY YEARS of brands using mannequins that, frankly look like they should eat a burger, and that do not represent the average woman's body - no one ever claimed those dolls (who's purpose is to display clothes), were promoting anorexia?

Could it be that what we have here is just another display of our society's detest of overweight people?

People hide behind 'health' whenever talking about weight but here's a news flash for you - you can be thin and unhealthy too.

The real issue here is that we lose no matter what we do and how sad have we become as a society that no matter what, there is always someone out there waiting to spread some hate glitter on everything and trod on everyone's parade.

Listen up, this is not an attempt to promote an unhealthy lifestyle. This is an attempt to encourage people to work out in cool gear. They are selling WORKOUT CLOTHES for heaven’s sake.

If anything, this is a step in the right direction, and yes - I'd be saying this even if the brand was not selling sports gear and I will tell you why.

I am sick of seeing ONE TYPE of person on display. Not just in window shops, everywhere. Online, on Instagram, on TV, in magazines... Aren't you bored? I'm bored! I don't wanna live in a world of clones that all look the same. And I most certainly do not want to live in a world where 14 year old girls starve themselves because they can't find their size on display in a shop and where people believe you are unhealthy if you are not stick thin.

That is one shitty world.

Good for you Nike, I hope many other brands follow suit!