Secret admirer

Let me start out by staying that I'm a happily married woman with a 2 year old daughter and I've been with my husband for almost 9 years.

Well it all started last summer. There is this guy who lives 2 houses away from me and he is hot. I dont know his name so I'll refer to him as Johnny Angel.

So, anyway in the summer I like to hang out on my front porch with my daughter and just let her play on the porch. Well Johnny Angel always walks by my house with his dog and he's usually shirtless in the summer and 8m just like flabbergasted. He literally is the human form.of Adonis . When he sees me he always smiles, waves, or just says hi he's never spoken a word to me directly . Then one day I got my nerve up to write him a letter signed by his secret admirer. Know the letter wasn't bad at just simply stating that i thought he was cute. So, I put the letter in his mailbox and asked him to text me not to call me because my husband would flip his lid . And then one day it happened he actually texted me back. The message I received from him was just like 2 friends talking. I don't remember exactly what the message said because I deleted it immediately after I received it. But then again I saw him the other day as I was getting out of my car and it all came back to me like a ton if bricks .Hopefully I'll at least find out his name this summer .