Wee Emergency

Hi Tova! Okay this happened about 5 years ago when 8 was pregnant with my 3rd. It seems like I had to pee every 10 minutes toward the end and I dreaded going anywhere because of it. Well, my husband talked me into taking a family ride around town to get some fresh air. While out, my husband wanted to stop at a friend’s shop to chat a bit. I’m sure you can guess where this is going. He was in there for about 10 minutes when this overwhelming urge to pee hit. I called him and told him that he needed to hurry the hell up because I had to go. As you know, most husbands don’t get what hurry up means and I am sure he thought that I was exaggerating. Well, I wasn’t. I had my two kids with me so I couldn’t leave them to waddle to a bathroom. So I thought of the next best thing. Luckily, my youngest at the time was still in diapers. This was going to be the true test of how much they could actually hold. I climbed to the back of the SUV, which I might add had really dark tint. I kneeled down, pulled down my pants, and held that diaper there like a really awkward pad. Hey it didn’t leak! I finished up, cleaned up with some paper towels, and sanitized my hands. Of course, my husband didn’t come out until 30 minutes after this episode. He got the death stare and the silent treatment all the way home.

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