I recently released a video titled JUST SAY NO TO GLITTER as a response to the stupid new trend of shoving glitter up women's vaginas. In the video, I asked the idiots who came up with this shit to kindly get a real job and stop inventing absurd things for women to stick up their nunnies. Barely a week has passed and I have come across a new trend that is taking social media by storm.

Apperently, Japanese company BoDivas came up with this new nonsense trend called Beachtails which are basically charms for bikini crotch.

Allow me to be the first to say WTF?!!!!!

I am SO SICK of people coming up with more and more insane items that are meant to make women's intimate parts more attractive or just to draw more attention to them.


For one, let me tell you that as an average woman who does NOT have a thigh gap (another must according to the fashion industry), I could wear a pearl chain with a 30-carat diamond dangling from it and no one would bloody notice!

Secondly, I am not a doctor but I'm pretty sure that having your vagina rub against a piece of metal can't be good for you (add to that some tasty glitter and hair dye I'm guessing your vagvag will fall off when you are 60).

And finally, it is clear that there are many people out there who suffers from 'women phobia' since they can't stand the idea of a hairy bush in some granny pants, but for your information - woman's vagina (and crotches) are not there to be beautiful for anyone's pleasure. They do not need to be colored in unicorn colors, covers in glitter and dressed up in jewels.

And if you have an issue with the way they look, then clearly YOU have a problem.

As a woman in 2017 who is already expected to do so much in the name of fashion, and as a mother of girls, I refuse to be part of this culture and I am hoping no one else thinks having a chain dangling down between your their legs like a glittery tampon string is cool.

Be smart ladies, we are so much better than this!