I came across images from a fashion show held at a shopping mall in China, parading girls aged no more than 5 years old, wearing nothing but lingerie, costume wings, and headpieces. I don't really know much about this story (mainly because for some strange reason it did not make big headlines), so I can't tell you much about the facts, but what I can tell you is how it made me feel.

In one word - SICK.

Whoever knows me will tell you that I am the LAST person to judge anyone. I truly believe in 'each to their own' when it comes to what to dress your kids in, whether or not to pierce little girls' ears, should young girls wear bikinis (my daughters don't mainly cos I'm scared of sun damage but I clearly remember rocking a 70's style two piece when I was 5) and other similar issues.

But (and here comes the big fat "but") - I kinda draw the line at this.

I honestly feel disgusted by these images. I feel sorry for those little girls, and yes - I totally think they are being sexualised in the most horrific way possible.

And no, I do not think that little girls should never be models or show off children's fashion - after all, children need clothes and who better to show them off than a 5-year-old?

But, with all due respect to the fashion industry and its never ending bullshit, there is absolutely ZERO reason why a CHILD would EVER need to wear lingerie unless we are now starting to promote pedophilia in the mainstream?

Because let's face it, we are not even talking about kids' underwear (which in my opinion would still be inappropriate to show off in a fashion show in the middle of a mall), we are talking about pieces of underwear originally designed for WOMEN but now made in little sizes for girls.

Now, whoever designed these outfits followed the style of the well-known brand Victoria Secret, which is most famous for one thing - being SEXY.

My questions is - why on earth would anyone think that dressing kids in SEXY clothes (let alone underwear) would be a good idea?!

Recently Kim Kardashian sparked controversy with her new children’s line after showing off a bikini and lace slip dress on Snapchat. Many parents were outraged after those images came out but some people came to Kim's defense saying it's just a bit of fun.

Well listen up - there is nothing fun or funny about a 5-year-old prancing around in lingerie.

A child aged 5 is just that - A CHILD and I don't care how they try to sell it, or market it, or twist it around to make it sound better - this is simply wrong!


Photo: australscope