Every time I post anything about abortions I lose a bunch of followers but I don't care. As a woman who believes in a woman's right to choose, I have to come forward following the new bill that has just been signed by Governor Brian Kemp in Georgia. 
The bill effectively bans abortion outright (at 6 weeks which is less than two weeks after a missed period), and is also being referred to as the “heartbeat” bill. This is of course a very misleading name since the cardiac activity that is first detected in an embryo at 6/7 weeks is not a heartbeat, but rather pulsing of cells that are still forming and will EVENTUALLY become a heart. 
Yes people it's science - at 6 weeks, the fetus has no heart, no brain and no face.
So as much as the "pro life" campaign arguments go, which frankly are manipulative emotional blackmailing that rely on the fact that everyone loves babies and no one wants to kill them, the
bottom line is - it's all a big fat lie. 
The real issue here is not killing babies, it's women’s rights. 
I am so sick of having my rights decided upon by a bunch of fat white dudes. 
Don't tell me I need to "live with the consequences of my mistakes" when it's the men who get to carry on their lives unaffected by their mistakes. Don't tell me to take the pill and shove more hormones down my throat when they have been known to reduce my sex drive, give me mood swings and migraines. Don't tell me that if I want to end a pregnancy that was caused because I was raped by a man who thought he could just do what he wanted with MY BODY makes ME the criminal. Don't tell me that an unborn creature who has no name, no face, no brain and no heart has more rights than I do. 
I want to see ONE MAN who would agree to continue a pregnancy against his will. I want to see one man who would allow anyone to decide what happens to his body. 
It would never happen, not in a million years and we women have accepted this BS for far too long.
Do not be fooled ladies, this is not about killing babies, this is about hanging women in the street, witch hunting, and taking away our power.