Not sure if you've heard this story yet, but beauty blogger James Charles has just become YouTube’s latest villain, losing millions of subscribers because of a 43-minute takedown video by one of YouTube’s original beauty gurus - Tati Westbrook.

This is not my world, but bear with me because it's important.

Here is what you need to know:

Westbrook has been a makeup and beauty blogger for nearly nine years. She’s is probably one of the most prominent creators working in the space today, and was also the one who got James into the industry three years ago. Since then, James has become one of the most famous beauty bloggers in the world, with millions of views per video and a recent collaborating with the Kardashians.

The drama started in April when James posted an ad for Sugar Bear on his Instagram, which is a massive competitor for Westbrooke's brand Halo Beauty.

Westbrook got mad and accused James of being unsupportive, so he apologised to her in a statement posted on his Instagram.

Then on Friday, Westbrook posted a 43 MINUTE LONG video to YouTube explaining her decision to cut off her friendship with Charles stating: “I don’t want to associate with you, and I need to say that very publicly so that this chapter can just be closed".

In this video she accused James of spreading lies, and mentioned him making inappropriate comments about wanting to hook up with a straight waiter at a restaurant, disregarding his sexual orientation.

The result of all of this nonsense, sorry - “drama”, is that James is now bleeding followers and his career is probably over (for a few years at least until he is allowed a big comeback).

Okay here is what I want to talk about:

Lets start with, can people please stop airing their shit in public!? Westbrook started her video saying she knows this will be the first question people ask and then added that "she just had to share".

Actually, she didn't.

And don't get me wrong, she's not the first celebrity to do this. It's become a thing that so many famous people do nowadays, just go on Cardi B's feed and your bound to see at least one of these type of videos once a week (but with much more swearing). Truth is, it's getting rather sad and boring. Can't these people use the phone like the rest of us? Send a voice message, Skype, or (and here's a radical idea), meet up and punch each other in the face, I guarantee you will feel better!

Secondly, people really need to consider the consequences of their actions. We live in a world of no second chances. I call it the "cancel culture" - one mistake and you're out. We've seen it all before. People getting fired from their jobs because of a bad tweet, yet some people get away with literally murder, how the hell does that even work? The power of the internet has never been bigger so if you're gonna say something nasty about something, think long and hard before you do it. I don't like calling people bullies, but when you read some of the Tweets this kid is getting you really have to admit that it's gone too far, no matter what he did.

Finally, the main reason people are abandoning James is because what Westbrook said about his behaviour with straight men. To clarify, James is gay but according to her "(he) tried to trick a straight man into thinking they were gay".

THIS is what people have been clinging onto. No one cares if he endorsed a rival brand, no one cares that he is "childish" or has a "massive ego". What got people really going is the idea of this "predator" gay man, who uses his fame and fortune to seduce poor little straight boys and turn them into raging homosexuals.

Geez people, you need to calm down and get off the homophobic bandwagon.


You are either gay or you are not, and no matter how many gay people you meet, touch or have lunch with, that fact will not change. Period.

And as for her statements about how James was "messing around with people's sexuality" while they are young and still haven't figured out who they are yet - here's another news flash for you: when you are young, is EXACTLY when you explore your sexuality.

As a straight women who's had sexual experiences with women in my 20's, including with a female gay friend - jeez people, when was I supposed to do it? in my 60's when I hit menopause!?