I'll tell you a story that's on the news at the moment: twelve Israeli teenagers, have recently been detained suspected of the alleged gang rape of a 19-year-old British woman. The alleged attack was said to have taken place in a hotel in Ayia Napa. The suspects, who are aged between 16 and 20 except one, who is 15 - have been names by the British woman who contacted police in the early hours of Wednesday morning saying she had been raped in a hotel. Later that day police detained the group of 12. The woman admitted that during the week she had consensual sexual intercourse with three of the suspects, but stated that on the last night she woke up in one of the rooms with twelve men, not the two or three she knew.

This last comment was enough for people to say that the alleged rape was either her fault, or never happened.

Yes apparently if she had consensual sex with a few of them, it means there is no way she could have possibly been raped by the rest of them OR that she should really not be surprised because lets face it - if you are a woman who likes having sex, you are therefore a slut who is asking for it.

Even veteran Israeli reporter Toni Daniel said on TV while talking about this story that ‘She was used to two or three, and all of a sudden twelve, that’s the breaking point?’ drawing outrage and more than 700 complaints.

Yes my friends THIS is rape culture at its best.

Just to be clear - the investigation is still ongoing and so far there have been no arrests but what I am sick of is this double standards world we live in. Show me one 19 year old boy who goes to the Greek islands for a holiday and doesn't shag at least three girls while he is there! But for a woman to do so makes her a promiscuous whore?!

Listen up ladies - we have been brainwashed!

For all the years and generations that we have been told to dress modest, not "put out", act demure and shit so that we won't get into trouble, making it OUR fault if we get raped or sexualised, and I am so done with this crap!

I don't need anyone's permission to fuck as many men as I want and it does not make me a slut nor should it make me into a rape victim. I can wear whatever the hell I want and it should not effect the respect people have towards me. Women are not sexual objects and all of that kind of thinking is exactly what keeps us in that bracket. And anyone who thinks women who don't play by the misogynistic, chauvinistic, sick twisted double standard rules society has forced upon us, is 'asking for it', can suck it!

YOU are the problem, not the length of our skirts.