On Tuesday, Amber Rose who is expecting her second child, shared a paid advertisement for Flat Tummy Co’s “organic pregnancy tea” on her Instagram.

In her caption she wrote: "Food baby or real baby @flattummyco knows bloat's a total B*TCH!"

The model, who has over 18 million followers on Instagram, is facing backlash for promoting the controversial teas.

I am usually the first to say - lets all calm down and give the girl a break, but I have to be honest - this got me angry.

For one, that "bloat" feeling" is a baby. Not some trapped gas, too much cake or that horrid feeling you get after you eat a spicy kabab late at night.

SURELY women, who are already pressured to have flat tummies, smooth tiny vaginas and pink poop, should AT LEAST be allowed to have a bump while we are pregnant?

The level of how ridiculous this product is, is beyond words, but what gets me more than anything is the lack of responsibility in posts such as this one.

Someone has to take responsibility for the fact that so many girls are struggling with eating disorders and so many women HATE what they look like! Who's it going to be? the brands who make up this shit? the celebrities that use their platforms recklessly to promote it for dollars? The platforms that allow this brainwash to continue yet have an issue with women's nipples? WHO?

And listen Amber is not the first or the last to do this, and this is not an attack on her. Kim K and the rest of the 'body worshippers' have been doing this for years and profiting from our lack of confidence and it really has to stop.

I say YOU GO GIRL to anyone who wants to feel good about herself, whether it's with adding some fillers to your lips, getting a boob job or wearing heels 24/7. Us girls like to look pretty sometimes and there is nothing wrong with that. But drinking a detox called FLAT (FUCKING) TUMMY while you are pregnant is not even vain - it is stupid, insensitive, anti women and unacceptable.

Enough already!