A jealous sister-in-law

Hi Tova My sister in law is so selfish, jelous and was treating my children (2 daughters, 14 and 9 years old) like they where not important.... only her daughter (5years, she loves me very much and so do I) matters. She was always annoyed by my little one, didn't listen to her storys, hurted her (rolled with the buggy over her feet, blamed her for almost everything when her little girl cried (everybody realized IT but no one said a word) I didn't, too because of respect for my husband(her brother)....this was going on for years. Until last September, she continued her way of being shitty with my little girl (my big one is big enough, she doesn't care anymore) So I opened up my mouth and told him how much I hate her and that she is in the Position (we gave her this position, because we kept our mouth shut) to tear us appart. He talked to her and she said, she can't remember being so rudeπŸ˜…πŸ˜² 😨 And now , after I told her (WhatsApp) that I will never allow her to break my kid again (my little one was crying a lot at home and in school...we had an appointment with her teacher, because she was crying about her aunt, that she doesn't love her) she keeps her daughter away from us. I wrote her that her daughter is always in my heart, and I care for her. She never mailed me back just wrote her brother that my mail/I was sick. We dont have any contact now, and thats okay with me. How can you stop the hate inside you that comes up even when you hear her name? Am I the only one in the UNIVERSE with this kind of problem? A sister in law with f****** big issues...She still thinks she didn't made any mistakes.

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