Toilet breath

My confession is, I have a hand held battery cleaner that I use to clean the bathroom, you know round the toilet and all those stubborn bits round the bath panel things like that, anyway the batterys ran out just when I was cleaning round the toilet so I saw the electric tooth brush and decided to use that with my husbands toothbrush head on it, I was in all honesty going to throw it away after using it but as I have four children running around while I'm cleaning I totally forgot about it, well that night while putting the children to bed I hear the sound of the toothbrush turn on I ran to the bathroom to see my husband brushing his teeth!! I was totally horrified but I just couldn't tell him what I'd been doing with his toothbrush... let's just say I avoided giving him kisses for a while lol xx

Submitted by Lynnsey

Alex SherComment