A perfect one, but not perfect for me

I know this will probably sound terrible Tova , but here it goes , me and my fiancée have been together for nearly 5 years , we live in a flat owned by his parents , we have a beautiful dog together which we got after a rough patch see I lost a pregnancy a while back and although I kept a straight face and pretended to be okay I really wasn’t , and I needed him then and he just didn’t know , so I started to distance myself a bit , a few months later we didn’t talk much , mostly we argued , so we got a dog and he became a baby to the both of us , things got better , the puppy took up most of our time and discussion topics , but now as our dog got older there again seems to be little to talk about and I think I love him as a person I don’t think I’m in love with him anymore . I’m scared to be alone , I hate myself for not telling him the truth and just letting him move on to find someone who will appreciate the amazing person he is , a perfect one but not perfect for me . So tell me , what do I do ? I’m so scared to have to start over again !!

Submitted by Scaredshitless

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