Dangerous knickers

So a few years ago it was early in the morning and we were all still in bed. My other half decided it would be a good time to have sex...I was still half asleep so "we started" however rather than taking my underwear off he just slid it to the side 😂😂 then after around 30 seconds he says "urgh your on your period" I said "no I can't be it's only been a week since I finished my last one" he "pulls out" and suddenly blood is spurting out all over the bedroom from his dick! He had sliced his frenium on my knickers 😂😂😂 he was screaming at me to call an ambulance but I told him there was no way I was saying that on the phone 😂😂 then to make matters worse our 4 year old son walked in and witnessed the bloodbath and where it was coming from 😂😂 my partner rang the ambulance and a first responder turned up and even he couldn't keep a straight face which set me off into hysterics. Long story short he couldn't have sex for 6 weeks and he's never tried it on again while I'm still half asleep 😂😂👌

Submitted by Becky