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Vibrators are not for sharing!

When I was in my early 20s and living 2 hours away from home to attend college, I would often go home on the weekends to visit my mom. One particular weekend, I was in my room at my mom’s house. It was late and she was asleep and I was watching TV when all of a sudden I felt the urge to grab my vibrator for some me time. I went over to my duffel bag and started rummaging through the contents looking for it. I emptied the bag and it was nowhere to be found. I had a sneaking suspicion. Later the next day, I went into my mom’s room and looked through her drawers and there it was, my vibrator! I promptly took it out of the drawer, washed it, and put it back in my bag in my room. Later that night, I go to use it and it’s gone again! Sure enough, it was in my mom’s drawer. I took it back for a second time and hid it somewhere else. I think she got the hint after two times, which is good because I was too embarrassed to confront my mom and tell her that vibrators are not for sharing! Not between mother and daughter at least. 😂

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Dangerous knickers

So a few years ago it was early in the morning and we were all still in bed. My other half decided it would be a good time to have sex...I was still half asleep so "we started" however rather than taking my underwear off he just slid it to the side 😂😂 then after around 30 seconds he says "urgh your on your period" I said "no I can't be it's only been a week since I finished my last one" he "pulls out" and suddenly blood is spurting out all over the bedroom from his dick! He had sliced his frenium on my knickers 😂😂😂 he was screaming at me to call an ambulance but I told him there was no way I was saying that on the phone 😂😂 then to make matters worse our 4 year old son walked in and witnessed the bloodbath and where it was coming from 😂😂 my partner rang the ambulance and a first responder turned up and even he couldn't keep a straight face which set me off into hysterics. Long story short he couldn't have sex for 6 weeks and he's never tried it on again while I'm still half asleep 😂😂👌

Submitted by Becky

Cosmo was a no no!

When I was younger and sexually inexperienced, I read Cosmo magazine every month religiously. Well in an article it said to insert your finger in the bum of your partner right as he ""finishes."" So I finally work up the nerve and I'm thinking to myself that I'm going to try it. So...right when my boyfriend (husband now) ""finished"" I took my pointer finger and shoved it in his bum. No wetting the small finger. I went all in. Cosmo left out some very important details here. My boyfriend's junk shriveled up inside him and he was petrified with his eyes bulging. Needless to say...the mood was ruined and I've NEVER tried again

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Time to move house!

It happened last Saturday night, I was "out on the town". Kids free night, adult conversation and lots... And LOTS of alcohol. There's been road works happening on the main road which leads to our housing cul de sac. So I didn't get dropped off at my door and I staggered out of the taxi and headed home.

We recently moved house to a beautiful new development and all the houses are shiny and new and pretty much identical. So, I found my door, struggling to find my keys and then the almighty task of putting them into the door was happening. I could not get my keys to turn! Was not happening. Well, I could barely walk so of course I wouldn't be able to open my front door. So, I prayed my husband left the door open and I reached for the handle. Thank god, it was unlocked! Place was in darkness,

There I climb up the stairs, take off my shoes and my t-shirt and just climbed into bed. There, lying in the bed was my husband, so I went to give him a cuddle goodnight and I noticed how he must have lost some weight and been doing some working out. How did I not notice?? Well.... I got wakened by a bright light to my right hand side. There he was, lying next to me. MY NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR!!! Turns out I didn't notice I went into the Wrong coloured door and somehow did not recognise my own bed!!! I climbed into my neighbours bed!!! I was in shock, thankfully he just laughed and helped me go next door and used my keys to unlock my door. I am considering the possibility, I may need to move house again 😂

Submitted by whenitstime13

'Holy' underwear

I saw your story today about the underwear that smooths your stomach that you wear every day and that it's so ripped at the bottom your vagina frappes out and I wanna say that is EXACTLY me! I have a pair of underwear I LOVE, also a bra that's my fav and I wear them all the time, there are so many holes in them it's not even funny but I can't find anything I like as much. So anyway, this really anodes my husband that says I look homeless, one time he got so angry he ripped the bottom of the knickers so that I wouldn't wear them. Did it stop me? Hell no! Didn't learn how to saw for nothing! I'm wearing them now btw... ha!

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A dresser for 'toys'

Mom of two. loved your stories about sex toys and your reply to the guy who said you like penines... My confession is about my love for sex toys and yes I used to feel ashamed because I am a mother and supposed to be pure and holly right? wrong. What started as a little rocket pocket vibrator I got as a joke gift has become a real passion. I now have an impressive collection which no longer fits into one drawer and so recently I bought a dresser for my toys. Yes, a tall, four large drawers that are all filled with sex toys just for me (and my partner sometimes when he's in the mood). Am I ashamed or embarrassed to admit this? not one bit!

Submitted by Alex

Ibiza stalker

Me and my partner just started seeing each other, I was at a festival and he just got to ibiza I saw a picture posted of some girls that were in their apartment that they knew, I was suspicious so the next day me and my friend booked a plane ticket and went there, I said it was my uncles birthday and to be fair he did live there. I told him this, he said why didn’t you tell me, me being the best girlfriend ever said I didn't want to spoil your holiday orAnd just enjoy your time with the lads, so I saw him on holiday, coast was clear and we went about our separate holidays. HE STILL DOES NOT KNOW to this day. 5 years in and a child.

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Naughty in the office

Husband and I both say we have to work when what we are really doing is getting it on. Our office (both work from home) is up in the loft so we often stick the kids in front of the TV and say we have some calls to make. It's like having naughty sex in the office and I won't lie we do it on the desk and fax machine too (okay, it's a little printer but you get the idea) with the fear of the kids coming in it does help the excitement. being married for 15 year can be boring, a girl's gotta do what a girl's got to do!

Submitted by Terry