Time to move house!

It happened last Saturday night, I was "out on the town". Kids free night, adult conversation and lots... And LOTS of alcohol. There's been road works happening on the main road which leads to our housing cul de sac. So I didn't get dropped off at my door and I staggered out of the taxi and headed home.

We recently moved house to a beautiful new development and all the houses are shiny and new and pretty much identical. So, I found my door, struggling to find my keys and then the almighty task of putting them into the door was happening. I could not get my keys to turn! Was not happening. Well, I could barely walk so of course I wouldn't be able to open my front door. So, I prayed my husband left the door open and I reached for the handle. Thank god, it was unlocked! Place was in darkness,

There I climb up the stairs, take off my shoes and my t-shirt and just climbed into bed. There, lying in the bed was my husband, so I went to give him a cuddle goodnight and I noticed how he must have lost some weight and been doing some working out. How did I not notice?? Well.... I got wakened by a bright light to my right hand side. There he was, lying next to me. MY NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR!!! Turns out I didn't notice I went into the Wrong coloured door and somehow did not recognise my own bed!!! I climbed into my neighbours bed!!! I was in shock, thankfully he just laughed and helped me go next door and used my keys to unlock my door. I am considering the possibility, I may need to move house again 😂

Submitted by whenitstime13