Mc Poo by the 'golden arches'

So embarrassing. Oke here it is. So this one day in feb 2009. We went to a steakhouse for we thought was my sisters birthday. But no they announced their engagement. We had a lovely time. Stuffed our faces and we’re about to leave. So I was driving home with my parents (lived at home at that moment) and I told them I had to go and use the bathroom first. Did that and we started driving home. All of a sudden. I think we were at 1/3 home. My stomach felt a bit upset. So I asked my father to stop at a gas station so I could do a number 2. Nothing open (22.50) so I started crying and asked him to run a red light so I could go at macdonalds. We arrived close to 23.00 and they turned the locks on the door. They saw me running. I explained that I really really really had to use the bathroom with tears in my eyes. And that girl laughed and said no. So I went back to the car. My dad said hop on. I’ve got an idea. He went to the back of the restaurant. And said to me. Dump your shit behind this Container. Guess what. Hmhmmm I took the most enormous shit. At the backfiring of macdonalds. Wiped my ass with dads handkerchief and laughed. The first one out would step in my shit. 😂. Never ever felt guilty. I do feel a bit ashamed. But he. It’s 10 years ago. Still proud of the pile 💩

Submitted by peetiej