Vibrators are not for sharing!

When I was in my early 20s and living 2 hours away from home to attend college, I would often go home on the weekends to visit my mom. One particular weekend, I was in my room at my mom’s house. It was late and she was asleep and I was watching TV when all of a sudden I felt the urge to grab my vibrator for some me time. I went over to my duffel bag and started rummaging through the contents looking for it. I emptied the bag and it was nowhere to be found. I had a sneaking suspicion. Later the next day, I went into my mom’s room and looked through her drawers and there it was, my vibrator! I promptly took it out of the drawer, washed it, and put it back in my bag in my room. Later that night, I go to use it and it’s gone again! Sure enough, it was in my mom’s drawer. I took it back for a second time and hid it somewhere else. I think she got the hint after two times, which is good because I was too embarrassed to confront my mom and tell her that vibrators are not for sharing! Not between mother and daughter at least. 😂

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