Did you pack your own bag?

My mom is not a normal run of the mill mom, for my 16th birthday she got me a lighter...... which was a huge penis when you flipped the balls back it would vibrate was a great gag but when I moved out of home my cousin who is male helped me move all my stuff, he found this monstrosity of a lighter and instantly thought the worst considering the box was labled mums shit...... I failed to say anymore about it he was highly disgusted thinking it was my mother's but we went on holidays that year and I decided to be an utter cow and put it in his hand luggage so as we went through check in security he was asked "did u pack your own bags" he replied" yes of coarse" but he didn't know this was here so when they assessed his bag as Ur not aloud lighters on the plane they wipped out this big penis, he very terrifying screamed "omg that's not mine that's her mum's" I couldn't control the laughter

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