Pee on my NEW sofa

I have a great relationship with my mother in law. but this I will never forget (or forgive)..

This happened when we lived in Israel, me, hubby and our new born at the time. My mother in law came to visit for a month and slept on the living room sofa.

We were sitting one night watching TV talking and laughing, until my son started to cry so I had to leave the room, My husband, and my mother in law stayed in the living room.

while sitting with my son I hear them laughing really hard and my husband saying "Ima (mom) go to the bathroom! go to the bathroom NOW!"

now, this is not the first time it happens, we both know who we're dealing with here! unfortunately for me, it was too late. yes, SHE PEED ON MY SOFA. my NEW sofa.

I sat there in the dark hearing everything. and cried. they never told me! (they tried to keep it a secret). needless to say I never set on it again and waited for the right time to "spill" something on it so we can replace it.

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